Cleric 20/Pyromancer (Fire Elementalist) 25/Bard 5

Medium Outsider (Lawful, Native)

Divine Rank: 18

Hit Dice: 20d10 + (Pal) plus 20d8 + (Clr) plus 10d10 + (Ftr)


Speed: 80 ft.


Base Attack: ; Grapple:


Full Attack:

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities:


Abilities: Str 30, Dex 25, Con 29, Int 36, Wis 28, Cha 30



Divine Immunities:

Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Size, Alter Reality, Avatar, Create Object, Create Greater Object, Divine Creation, Divine Fire Mastery, Divine Inspiration (Reason), Divine Radiance, Divine Skill Focus (Knowledge: Logic), Divine Spellcasting, Energy Burst, Energy Storm, Extra Immunity (Fire), Extra Domain (Reason), Extra Domain (Law), Gift of Life, Know Death, Know Secrets, Life and Death, Power of Truth, True Knowledge

Domain Powers:

Spell-Like Abilities:


Cleric Spells Per day:

Pyromancer Spells Known:


[top]Other Divine Powers


Avani's avatar is rarely seen. In the instances it does appear, it takes the form of a 20 HD Medium Fire Elemental (with a humanoid female body). Avani's avatar has all the powers of a 25th level pyromancer; anyone who looks directly at her must make a reflex save or be permanently blinded. Avani understands some epic magic, but doesn't know all the Arcane Spells allowed in the campaign.

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