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Achiese posseses a varied terrain a great deal of which is devoted to agriculture. The people seem to be the most troublesome throughout Ghoere and can?t even be commanded by the temple of Cuiraécen. The fortified town of Achiese is one of the oldest settlements of Ghoere and the largest city the county itself. It was a gate to Osoerde for centuries and has never been taken by siege. Achiese is governed by Count Agelmore Pelien (MA; Nbl1/ Ftr3; Scion of Reynir; minor, 11, LE), but he is known as a vain, cruel and untrustworthy individual.
The Iron Citadel: The Iron Citadel is the central location of the famous knightly order named the Iron Guard of Ghoere. The order is affiliated with the Militant Order of Cuiraécen and was founded by Gavin Tael himself. It lies within the city of Achiese. All his elite units and cavalry must spend time serving in his Iron Guard. The Iron Citadel is a walled fortress made of stone, but it seems to be made completely of iron.
The Guardian Stone: The Guardian Stone is a giant monolith what stands in a rocky pass in the south of Achiese since the arrival of the five tribes. It is a giant humanoid figure (about 60 feet tall), but nobody has discerned the nature of the figure. It is said by many folk that the Guardian Stone is somehow connected to the goblin mines known as the Tarkal Deeps, (which lie just south of the border in Roesone). Popular rumor suggests that those mines extend under Achiese and open in hidden grottoes and valleys throughout the county. Others suggest that it is some sort of golem or a sleeping giant that awaits for the proper ritual to be performed in order to break its slumber.

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