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AMA stands for Association of Members' Advocates (a community team). A Members' Advocate is responsible for arbitrating disputes between members and making sure everybody is on even footing with each other. When a problem arises between two members, for instance an edit war or a accusation (whether justified or not) a Members' Advocate will be called in and asked to arbitrate the discrepancy. This is a stub; please do not mark it so, however, as it is the responsibility of the team leader and members to expand the page with info about their team.
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[top]What a Member's Advocate does...

These points are just a starting set and will change as a new, non-admin leader takes over and other members agree on other items. Please put any suggested additions or changes on the  discussion  page.
  • Generally, you should make yourself available to users who have a dispute with another user and mediate in some fashion (add helpful comments or try to make each user better understand the other user's point of view).
  • Start looking for disputes at AMA/Request AMA assistance.
    • You can also actively look for disputes on active  discussion  pages (hopefully they happen on  discussion  pages).
    • Or, just get involved if you see disputes in the course of browsing or contributing to [[BRWiki]].

  • Tips on mediating disputes:
    • Try to remove personal attacks and insults from the dispute.
    • Use examples of similar situations to clarify why one side or the other has a better position.
    • Use voting if those involved can agree to that method to settle the dispute.
    • Refer to other policies or guidelines to settle disputes that are relevant.

  • If you have trouble resolving the dispute, then you can contact an admin to intervene, but as a Members' Advocate you're supposed to try to help out before an admin is called in.

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