Do any of the Official 3e Team Members plan on running a game when the rules are released? Are there any playtests planned?

I am specifically looking for responses from:

Prince of Avanil: Arjan Duijs (arjan)
Duke of Boeruine: Mike Spehar (spehar)
The Gorgon: Ian Hoskins (reasene)
The Duke of Ghoere: Jan Erik Juvstad (Mark_Aurel)
The Count of Ilien: Travis Doom (doom)
The Speaker of Medoere: Duane Eggert (irdeggman)
The Prince of Tuarhievel: Ross Watson (Ellendael Nightstalker)
The Baron of Dhoesone: Elton Robb (elton robb)
The Mhor of Mhoried: Terry Keith (morgramen)
The Raven: Tony Sczudlo (Pytor Tusilov)
The High Patriarch of Talinie: Jason Klotz (lawgiver)

If the answer is 'yes,' then I want in!!!