I`ve finally begun working on Birthright Saga (I finally got my scanner back
and working--I`ve done mock ups of some cards but since I`m using BR book
art, I can`t show them to you *L* (as I`m not doing this for anything but my
own purposes.)

Right now I`ve broken down the Cards and Suits as follows

Suits (Attribute)
Warriors (Attack/Strength)
Fortresses (Defense/Agility)
Priests (Spirit/Faith)
Temples (Presence/Charisma)
Wizards (Reason/Intellect)
Towers (Endurance/Magic)

and Awnsheigh (or Darkblood) cards

The normal break down of each card is
1-9 with weight towards the middle by having 2 of the following 2,3,4,6,7,8
and Three 5`s of each suits except the Awnsheigh cards which has an
additional card (the 10 of Awnsheigh--Gorgan)

So far the mockups are only Cardbacks--the 1 of Warriors (Pg 3 from King of
the Giantdowns--with "Humble Origins" as the event, the 5 of Warriors (orog
art with the "event" Fierce Enemies )

I`m still looking for more "events" as I scan and trim art and assign them
to various cards.

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