Hi all.

I`ve been setting up a couple of Wiki programs recently, and realized
when reading the "Expanding Blood Abilities" how much the Birthright
community would benefit from having a Wiki of its own.

Wikis are web programs that allow either the entire public or only
certain people to modify and improve pages through a web browser using a
short hand notation for things like bold, lists, etc. Unlike the current
Writer`s Guild system (I think), these people could edit any of the
pages, not just ones they themselves create. This allows for a massive
community project that is constantly improved by everyone in the
community at any time, instead of having to rely on the original author
to fix typos or other problems.

My favorite Wiki program is UseMod at www.usemod.com, written in perl,
and I`m trying out the CSSskins plugin for custom templates now. Another
popular one is TWiki at www.twiki.org, also in perl, but there are many,
many others in various programming languages.

If you wish to try out a Wiki with Birthright content, head over to my
site, www.theoretic.com. I have some Birthright stuff at the bottom.
Feel free to edit any of the pages (for the better, please) by following
the "Edit this page" link at the bottom, and then using the "Text
Formatting Rules" link on the edit page for instructions on the
shorthand to use. You can improve any of the pages there, I have it
public for a reason. Besides, if I don`t like anything you do, I can
just go back and fix it easily :)

If that Wiki doesn`t seem to work for you (it heavily uses CSS1 & CSS2),
then try the old version at www.theoretic.com/classic.cgi

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