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    On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 07:04, brnetboard@TUARHIEVEL.ORG wrote:

    Rhobher Nichaleir wrote:

    Just a few things that spoiled an otherwise good site.

    Your main page graphic failed to load. But did get the quotation "...
    and she looked at the Sun" so that was a nice touch.

    avoid using MS Windows proprietary character sets in web-pages, they
    leave funny symbols all over other systems switch to iso-8859-1
    (international standards organization latin-1 -- western European),
    that`s standard for Australia (I see you`re from this part of the
    world), USA, etc.

    Fonts like "Dream Orphans" and "Abaddon" may look nice in the latest
    copy of Word, but I can assure you that they don`t translate well over
    the web -- especially if scaled up (sometimes they go all jaggy) or when
    they can`t be matched by the host system or by browsers other than IE6.
    It`s always a good idea to make sure your pages look good in Times New
    Roman -- the very very very standard font for the web.

    If you are using a background image that has a margin-like effect, it`s
    a good idea to make sure your document has a margin that is equal to the
    width of the graphic (or the graphic margin-like effect), otherwise the
    table data flows back over the margin graphic making it hard to read --
    unless you are at the "best" viewing screen size - a luxury some people
    don`t have. (even at 1024x768 not all browsers have the same viewable
    space) Then you wouldn`t need to align your tables to the right.

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