OK, a few things I`ve decided for my BR OA campaign.

1. I`m going to wuss out and go with the standard human pantheon of
Cerilian gods with oriental names. I might add a god or two, but
essentially I`m going to keep the pantheon and their spheres of
influence. It`s just too much effort to come up with another pantheon. By
keeping the gods basically the same, I don`t have to worry about an
entirely new background regarding bloodlines, etc. I can just go with a
parallel battle, and a similar system of bloodline
strength/derivation/abilities. None of the oriental heroes at the battle
took on the mantle of the Cerilian gods, of course, though I might throw
one or two oriental ones in, as I noted, and I`m kind of thinking of
explaining away the "birth" of Cuirecean and Laerme by making them gods
that were primarily worshipped in the oriental lands, and whose godly
aspect was taken over by a human hero/heroine who later appeared on the
scene in Cerilia and were explained there as being "children" of the
existing gods.

2. The human races will include following cultures with their real life
analogy; "Orisunni" Japanese/Korean, "Ko" Mandarin/Thailand, "Abdano"
Manchurian/Mongol, "Vedic" Eastern India (where the OA version of the
Battle of Deismaar took place), the "Pandano" Philippines/Polynesia and the
"Zhani" who are a Persian/West India combo.

3. The continent (which I`m calling "Shanjari") will be in the Southern
hemisphere of Aebrynis, about 6,000 miles SE of Cerilia.

4. The Shanjari region covers an area about 4-5 times that of Cerilia, but
since one section is a large island chain (for the Pandano) it is probably
about 3-4 times the land mass. Those are just guesstimates.

Those are the major points regarding how the campaign setting is going to
work. I`m employing an awful lot of tweaks, mostly having to do with the
skill system and the martial arts as well, but that`s a bit much to go into


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