The Pechenegs (or Patzinaks) were a Turkic race, like many others who
migrated west from the steppes. They seem to have consisted of 8 tribal
groupings, with names based on horse-colours (like Qara-Bay, "the tribe
of Bay with greyish horses").

A commentary: "They are more difficult to fight and harder to subdue
than any other people . . .They wear no breastplates, greaves or
helmets, and carry no shields or swords. Their only weapon and sole
means of defence is the spear . . .They build no protective palisades or
ditches around their camps. In one dense mass, encouraged by sheer
desperation, they shout their thunderous war-cries and hurl themselves
pell-mell upon their adversaries and push them back, pressing against
themselves in solid blocks, like towers, then pursuing them and slaying
them without mercy. If on the other hand the opposing force withstands
their assault, they turn about and seek safety in flight."

It is more likely that the Pechenegs were armed and fought very much
like other steppe races, with felt or leather lamellar armour, shooting
the bow from horseback.

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