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    Sielshegh Gems and conception.

    I was thinking about Sielshegh gems today (oddly enough) and was wondering, if a scion had his bloodline boosted from a sielsegh gem while he was busy concieving a child, shouldn't the upwardly adjusted bloodline be the score to be averaged? After all, they effectively have an empowered line.

    To illustrate our point using an entirely fictitious character.
    Tom Brady, a human male with an INT and CHA of 3 each is (clearly) a chaotic evil scion of Azrai with a bloodline strength of 20.

    He puts on the funny jester hat with a series of sielshegh gems keyed to azrai that boosts his Bloodline by 50 points. He now has an effective bloodline of 70 while remaining in contact with the gem.

    Tom that evening gets busy with his girlfriend, a scion 10 of Azrai while wearing his jester hat. A child is concieved.

    Typically that child should have a bloodline score that averages the score of his parents. Tom's unmodified score of 20 and his girlfriend's score of 10 should result in a child with a score of 15. However since his bloodline is enhanced by the gems, why WOULDN'T his score of 70 be the value used for determining his average?
    It seems to break the system. The Roele's could wear their funny state crown hat to bed to effectively empower each generation with a greater bloodline than the preceding generation.

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    Well. In my mind it shouldent work, but even if it did:

    It would only work for a limited amount of children. A blooded scion does on average get what, 2 children with "full strenght" as theyr bloodline would suggest, then weaker for every child(if they even can get more).

    So that jesters hat would work twice or so?

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    I have never considered Sielshegh to be common enougn for there to be more than one in the hands of any but the powerful. Likewise, I doubt they would be on a simple hat. A crown or rod perhaps, but not a hat of no importance to the common man.


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    The gems give a temporary boost to ones BLS. It would seem to me that it would be a temporary benefit only to the wearer of the "hat/ring/necklace/object" and would not be imparted to a secondary party. Much like spell magic, the effect would fade even if a child were conceived.

    A possibility might be that the Gem is used in some power ritual for such a purpose. But it would most likely result in the consumption and loss of the gem. Basically a one shot deal.

    It also seems to me that the only gem capable of throwing that much power is the one that contains all of Basaia's essence.
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