Jay Watamaniuk
Community Manager

Posted: Wednesday, 15 May 2002 11:54
We have just heard from our publisher that the packages for the Beta Toolset should be arriving in retailers hands this Friday (May 17, 2002)!

This means that some retailers will get the CD's for the Toolset on May 17th. Keep in mind the retailers may not have them ready for fans on the Friday.

Expect to see it available online for download shortly thereafter...

Screamin' Toolset Fan: Will the Toolset cause heart problems in the very excited?!
Jay: Yes. Use it wisely.
Screamin' Toolset Fan: Can the Toolset heal the sick?
Jay: No. Maybe in the full version.
Screamin Toolset Fan: I'm so happy I need to kiss someone!
Jay: That is advised only under strict consenting adult-type conditions.