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    Birthright Gorgon's Alliance mods ?

    Does anyone know a program that can edit the game files of Birthright the gorgon's alliance ?
    anything that can edit troop stats, names etc. ?

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    you can find all patches, scenario editors and save games in the
    download section
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    Thumbs up hmm

    Thanks, The editors are ok,
    But how do enable play for every kingdom?
    and how can I edit troop stats ?

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    How do I play a scenario rather than load a saved game ?

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    There is an option to get all realms avaiable.
    About is a savegame, but it is like starting a new game...I would say a savegame that allow you to select your realm.

    About real modding...well you can't alter troops can't even unlock gnoll or spider to be recruited. We would need source code for that but stupid Sierra hold source code and hold the copyright of three Birthright games...that doesn't want to make! Sierra for Birthright seems to be just what EA Games is for Dune games franchise.

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