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    Rock Roost Castle

    Hi everyone.
    I'm going to run a new campaign in Anuire. I'm looking for an impressive castle that looks like Rock Roost Castle, the estate of Gavin Tael.
    Could anyone suggest me any castle had a similar fashion with it? I thought to Edimburg castel, Blackness castel or, at last, to Tolquhon castle.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Take a look at castles build by Teutonic Knights, if you look for REALLY impresive Marienburg (Malbork), but Gniew, Kwidzyn, Sztum or some others are also good. Finest "pre-cannon" technology and you should find enough materials about them

    here you have some images

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    I would suggest

    Alcazar Segovia spain


    Carcassonne France

    They are both built above nearby towns, Carcassonne has more of a brooding intimidating look, and also looks impregnable from certain angles.

    Based on the description of Rock Roost, if you are looking to find a real photo to capture both a portion of the town and the castle to get the right feel, those may be your best bets.
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