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    Smile How to get Birthright: Gorgon's Alliance working in Windows 7

    Yes, it is possible. Yes it is annoying and tedious. I've registered to report my success.

    You will need:
    All the patches for the Windows version of the game.
    A 16-bit compatible version of Windows. I used a virtual instance of Windows 98.
    Full CD image of the game. I could not find my CD, and found a torrent. Try scrapetorrent if you are desperate.
    ISO utility such as daemon tools

    When you have the necessary tools, mount the game cd in your ISO utility.
    Start up your virtual windows, and make sure it can see the CD image.
    Navigate to the CD directory.
    Copy everything on the directory to a folder on the VM's hard drive.
    You do not need to run the installer.
    Run the WIN patches in sequential order with the aforementioned folder as the target of the patching utility. It should be v1002win, v1003win, v1004win.
    Open the folder containing the game files.
    Find the file called "RLMSTART.DAT"
    Right-click on it, click properties, and uncheck read-only. The game must be able to modify this file to run.

    Copy the entire game folder to your Windows 7 drive.
    Run winbr.exe, and it should pop right up!

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    Thanks a ton man, I'm supposed to get my intel mac soon & will be doing win7 on it - I'll let you know when I get it set up!

    EDIT: Does setting the shortcuts to the old compatibility modes not work as it did in vista?
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    I don't know, I didn't have to set a compatibility mode for winbr.exe.

    When it launches the first time, it took about a minute to actually pop up. Subsequent launches are instant.

    To elaborate a bit, this is Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

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    There is a cross-platform DOS emulator called DOSBox. I have used it to play most of the old DOS games from SSI flawlessly, including Gorgon's Alliance. I would suggest it, as it is pretty easy.

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    i have a problem.. might be related to the fact that im using win7.

    anyways the problem is that the troops do not engage with enemies which are in the same providence, and that in turn doesnt allow me to take those territories since the enemies are occuping it and i cant move my troops away since they are engaded with enemies.

    any help is welcomed with open hands..

    ps: i have installed the patches : 1.02 ; 1.03 ; 1.04

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