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    Atlas of Cerilia

    With the atlas of cerilia being a dead project, I've gathered up all the information and going to post it in tjreads one thread per file and all submission can be dealt with buy people with the template and then can be reposted on the thread or sent to me at and I'll edited them into the atlas so one day it could be completed.

    Sorrry about the delay I have been having computer problems for a while and I finally got them all fix.

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    It would make more sense to plug it all into the wiki, you know. One central, living source works best.

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    I already put the Aerenwe stuff up and have copies of the other two. I tend to go where inspiration guides me, so no one should feel the least bit reluctant to put either of those up. If there is more, do share.

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    I intend to there are over 100 files so i'll up load them over the next month or so since to do it in one day woud just swamp everyone.

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