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    The Gorgon's Crown

    Food for thought...

    Who really lives in the Gorgon's Crown? Humans being oppressed? Exiles from the south?

    While the realm contains a large number of provinces, is it sufficient to fund/feed such a massive army? The math for the Crown doesn't seem viable to fund the realm. Does the realm get a pass due to it's ruler? Would the troops ever turn and revolt if the situation presented itself?

    No guilds maintain a presence in the Gorgon's Crown, as the kingdom does not engage in trade.
    Is the economy capable of self-sustaining itself? Do "guilds" truly exist, but fall into a communistic, totalitarian system in which they ultimately serve the Gorgon?
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    It might work if you used the variant "tribal units" rule, in addition to the standard rules, with the Gorgon controlling all. I'd also be rather willing to fill up all holdings slots and just not have any external trade.

    Goblins, gnolls, giants, ogres, trolls, as well as some humans and dwarves, all likely live there.

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