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    BRCS Database

    OK, so I am considering making a DataBase to track Birthright Domains Provinces and Regents.

    Really, I think the hard part will be finding a DB to use that can be freely distributed and installed easily on any computer.

    before i start my search, I wanted to find out if anyone else has done something similar.

    Now, why this came about....

    I created a domain worksheet on a spreadsheet that figures out RP and GB maximum colection, I uploaded it here, but I don't think it's turned up in the downloads yet.

    Anyway, we were using it, and the usual requests came in, most of which I expected. But then there were questions about who else is in what province, blah blah blah, and I was looking stuff up. The big one was from the leader of Elinie "Do I have holding in any other provinces?" I had to look through all the surrounding provinces to see if he did cause it doesn't say dirrectly in the book, and I realized it is this way for nearly all the realms in the atlas. In the end I realized I forgot how much paperwork BRCS is, and these guys were gona tax my accounting skills. So, I thought about creating a database to make my life easier.

    I'm thinking about a relational DB, I'm thinking of having DB's for:
    Realms: [name*][owner(list from Ruler DB)]
    Province: [name*][realm(list from Realm DB)][rule level][source level]
    Rulers: [initials*][Name][blood score][max RP][extra hp][gb treasury][rp treasury][max rp treasury][RP collection % - Province][RP collection % - Law][RP collection % - Guild][RP collection % - Temple][RP collection % - Source] - some of this can just be calculated, but will be there for reference.
    Holdings: [type(list)][level][owner(list from Ruler DB)][province(list from Province DB)] - I don't know off hand how I will make sure that levels cannot exceed privince level, but should be easy once I get started.
    Then informational DB-this stuff can not be changed.
    Assets: [type*][muster cost][seasonal maintenance-in 24ths] I may create a new measure that is 1/24th a GB. [requirement] - No idea how to implement this yet, but I want to make sure there is a seaport on each side of a sea trade route, roads for land ones(may be impossible), and the proper rule level for mustering troops.

    The hard part will be the forms for entering/changing data and printed sheets.

    * field that will be unique Key
    Need to look up a certain leaders holdings, look them up and print it on a holdings sheet.
    Need to know all the holdings, levels and who for a certain kindom (2E style), look the country up and print the sheet.
    Want to know all the assets and owners in a particular province, look them up.

    If anyone has anything similar they are using, let me know, if not I hope to have something for you to try in the next couple months.
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    I started working on a DB and application for handeling domain turn resolution a few weeks back. (Before university was back on). At the moment I'm to buissy to say when it will be done, but eventually.

    What the application will do is:
    * Collect RP and GB for all regents, take inn to acount special cases and caps. (Mostly done)
    * Pay expenses for all assets (mostly done)
    * Allow you to resolve most domain action by clicking on a user interface.
    * It will keep information so that you can go back to any point in time and retrive the state of the world at that point. (mostly done)

    What it will not do:
    * Handle domain attitude.

    I'm using Oracle 10g eXpress Edition and it's application developer tool. The DB is free to download, install and use as long as you'r not from a few selected countries that US think has to high density of terrorist or something.

    It is my intention to publish the source code, and a easy to install version when it is done.

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    On 9/14/06, ploesch <> wrote:
    > ploesch wrote:
    > OK, so I am considering making a DataBase to track Birthright Domains Provinces and Regents.
    > Really, I think the hard part will be finding a DB to use that can be freely distributed and installed easily on any computer.

    Good luck. I had something like this completed several years ago
    using MySql, including a perl cgi frontend that generated domain
    listings, holding and realm listings, and so on. I had entered all
    the domain info from all five regions, including fixing collisions
    like some regents having the same initials in different books.

    I was working on an automatic turn processor that would let people
    submit realm actions via a web form and then run them for the DM. It
    was going to be awesome.

    You can probably see where this is going. I lost it all in a hard
    drive death. I was in college, offsite backups had not yet entered my
    consciousness I haven`t had the heart to try it again. So
    whatever you end up with, do yourself a favor and burn it to a CD,

    Daniel McSorley

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    Dan, I had no idea you were working on that. And lost it!!! My heart bleeds for you.

    Ploesch and Akalars - perhaps the two of you could collaborate, cut down the intensity of the work on one person.

    Regardless, making a new program to take over from the old BirWeb, which was great in its day but is now wheezing a bit, would totally rock.

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