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    Totally n0oB

    ok long story short - I would like to play birthright but I dont know the rules or anything about the game ( like in technical stuff ) . I played pc game once upon a time, and the whole idea of plaing a strategy based pbem is fun. So how do I get into the game, I mean what rules are there and where are they to be found, and do I really need to know all of them to start playing.
    And one more question: How many players are playing at once on good BR pbems ?

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    Its nice to see some fresh blood in BR.

    First of all, Birthright PBEMs differ much from the computer game, not so much in format, but in spirit. Whereas in the game you were conquering and building armies, Br tabletop and PBEMs are more of a roleplaying strategy, than a board game. The world in (good) PBEMs is alive and regents aren't absolute despots. Actions have consequences etc. Diplomacy is usually the most important skill and you should find yourself exchanging a lot of e-mails with other regents.

    That being said, you should check out a few games that are listed in the forum. Most of them have a board of their own, a dedicated cadre of players, and usually everyone's more than happy to help a newb. As for rules, BR is out of print (the old 2ed), but the 3.5 is available here for download. Since most of the PBEMs are running a 3.5 version you shouldn't have any problems. However, since most DMs have houserules and what no, its best to check out the website and ask the DM and players what you should read, but you shouldn't worry since they will help you learn the game as you play.

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    so basically I dont really need to know the rules to start the game
    I like the political aspect of the game, thats why I'm looking for a game with lots of ppl. Thanks for the reply

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