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Thread: Legacy of blood

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    Legacy of blood

    Run by Angelica, just started.Based on BRCS with variant rules and some house rules.Feats that give bonuses to domain actions are not allowed.Area is south coast with osoerde.

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    There are currently two regents still available (as of 1/20/06):

    Ilien - Rogr Aglondier (RA)
    Wizard- Second Swamp Mage (SW2)

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    Wrong link......and im fairly certain Ilien is taken.........

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    There are three regents available:

    Second Swamp Mage
    Church of Storm's Height (forgot this one in my last post)

    Ilien dropped on January 15, 2006.

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    My mistake i thought someone was using the ilien account

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    This game is no longer active sadly.

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    The 1d4-1

    people go into it with the best of intentions I know I did when I tried running a game but you just get ground down by the actions of some people and the massive amounts of time it takes,

    The number of times I had to reply with please read the brcs, or have you read the rules part of the forum was staggering and that was only the tip of a collosal ice meteor.

    This was not my game and in the future I may try again but I would seriously have to think about invitation only because the actions of the few can ruin it for the many.

    I have a lot of respect and admiration for those that do manage to run a game for a long time.

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    In my experience, I think you have to start small and expand. Most of the time, people try to run an "Anuire campaign". Lord knows I did. Those almost never have legs, because we all have real lives that overwhelm us.

    I'm giving strong consideration to starting a new game some time in the near future. If I do, though, I'm only going to start with 5 or 6 player slots total....
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