Hi, I'm currently in the process of writing some players secrets stuff for the Rjurik highlands and I figured if I was gonna write it I may as well share it in the format we all know and love (I'm doing it for use in my pen and paper game). Now I had several Questions does anyone have or know where I can get the backings for the playerrs secrets books from I saw a download for them about two years ago they make a phb look really professional, i reckon the Rjurik ones were of hunters on one page and Mooses on the other, they were taken from the Hogunmark PDF I reckon. Two do you guys still all use them I know you produced a all singing and dancing new version to use with 3rd ed but I generally use the old format for domains and blood and just add keep third and the domain turns separate systems that affect the other so thats how they'd be set out, so if there no good to you I'll make them avaialbe on another website or something... and three has anyone done any non official Rjurik ones to save me some time and bother typing up some.