>This is actually more than was listed to be released for two other systems
>(one was Ravenloft). I read this on a release schedule that didn't seem
>like it was just made up by the store owners. All in all, I find the
>outlook on BR to be very encouraging!

Well, to the naked eye, it looks encouraging, but if you have been looking
on the TSR site, you will see a release from WoTC that states what they
think about each current gaming line. For Birthright they said that the
idea of it was very interesting, but that sales were weak. They will be
trying some things in the second half of the year to build up the line, but
if they don't work they will let the line slip into hiatus and consider a
relaunch at some later date. So, we who love the campaign should do our
best to make sure this doesn't happen!! :) Just some FYI.....

Scott Koester