Interesting point you bring up about the expansions. I think though
that a campaign in any of the areas would be interesting. The other
areas just add extra dimensions to the campaign that you are running.
Much like Forgotten Realms where you can play in any of what 10 or 15
or more different areas - any of which is sufficient for a campaign
setting in and of itself.

Personally, I'm still looking to get into a campaign that has a
player for EVERY possible regency!! Except for the Awnsh... you
know... the monsters. Tough job for a GM, but I'd like to see it.

Come to think of it. Sounds like a good money maker if you've got the
time. Anyone???

>Jaime T. Matthew wrote:
>> I too favor the Rjurik and Khinasi expansions. After reading the
>> initial dozen pages or so, you get a pretty good feel for the
>> culture.
>> Actually, my biggest complaint with the BR products is that Anuire,
>> the land they've spent the most time on, is also the one that is the
>> least well developed culturally. The first score or so of pages that
>> is devoted to the cultures of the Region in the other expansions is
>> totally lacking in Ruins of Empire. There are one or two tidbits,
>> but nothing detailing the way the people of the lands live.
>> I would gladly pay for (or download for free : ) ) this information.
>> These crucial bits set the flavor for the lands, and without them I'm
>> forced to rely on more generic typical fantasy atmosphere.
>> Does anyone else agree?
>> Jaime
>I agree totaly!
>The Rjurik and Khinasi expansions was great, and
>I would love to have more cultural "background stuff"
>for Anurie as we found in the initial pages in
>the two expansions listed above.

I also agree. This is how I look at it. If I were running an RPG
company, and I released the Birthright Boxed Set, I would always make sure
that Anuire was more developed than any other area. In other words, when
the City of the Sun expansion came out, I would have also released a
'Imperial City' expansion for Anuire. When the Rjurik Highlands came out,
I would have released a another Anuriean expansion and the first Cities of
the Sun expansion.

And those domain packs don't count. They're cool, don't get me
wrong, and they're cheap which is the best part. But as the titles say,
they're not for the GM, they're for the players.

I don't know. . .Birthright isn't like one campaign setting, it's
like 5 campaign settings. I think it was foolish of TSR to treat it like
one big setting when it seemed extremely unlikely that anyone would ever
play the type of campaign that would actually deal with ALL of Cerilia on
any kind of regular basis.

That's just me though. . .