A while back I asked if anyone had ideas about regional products and
speciality items in the BIRTHRIGHT setting. Here are a few of my own:
ANUIRE- War Horses, War Dogs, Falcons, Hard woods/timber, millet, oats,
rye, barley, apples, peaches, currants, plums, walnuts, chestnuts, honey,
raw sugar, beef, pork, cheese, red wine, ale, beers, hard cider, wool,
linen, velvet, canvas, lace, metals, textiles.
KNINASI- Light War Horses, Falcons, Camels, Ship Building, cotton, silk,
carpets, Spices- (paprika,saffron,cumin,pepper,anise,dill,tumeric,s ea
salt), palm wine, dates, dry rice, chick peas, limes, oranges, lemons,
olives, olive oil, herb tea, coffee, white grapes, ceramics, perfume,
fish, pearls, paper.
RJURIK- Sled Dogs, War Dogs, Hunting Owls, Cattle, Sheep, Hard and Soft
woods/lumber, wild herbs, wool, hides/skins, ales, beers, mead, metals,
minerals, peat, wild berries, wild honey, fish.
BRECHTUR- Ship Building, Hard wood/lumber, fish, fish oil, Whaling, nets,
ink, sea salt, paints/dyes, textiles, Sheep, Goats, wool, lace,
velvet,barley, buckwheat, oates, rye, pale wine, brandy, beers, glass
ware, cheese, clock works, metals, minerals, trade goods.
VOSGAARD- Varsk, Varsk hide leather, Soft wood/lumber, wood carvings,
hides/skins, dry rice, sugar beets, millet, potatoes, Spices (poopy
seeds, black onion seeds,pepper,wormwood,fennel), vodka.
ELVES- Light War Horses, Falcons, thistledown, herbs, leather, wild game,
hides/furs, honey, feathers, natural dyes, Musical instruments, wild
foods, aromatics, herbal teas.
DWARVES- metals, minerals, weapons, armor, machines, tools, mushrooms,
underground tubers.
HALFLINGS- Carts, Barrels, chesse, bakery, homespun comforters and
quilts, pipe weed, Goats, Chickens, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, lamps, candles, and
regional products.

What do you folks think? Perhaps upon your next adventure you
will meet a merchant loaded up with oranges, rasins, lemons, and other
fruit. Your players will know in a moment that this fellow deals with
the Cities of the Sun. A warm Halfling made quilt could keep a weary
hero warm as he battles giantkin in the Highlands. I hope others will
add to this colorful part of the Birthright setting.