I've just closed a few polls that were getting stagnant and it occurred to me that I should refresh the general conduct of polls in this forum.

Polls are run for a minimum of 2 week and usually not much longer.

the reasoning being that 2 weeks gives people a chance to check things out and particapate. Much longer makes them dangle on for so long that people forget they are even there and we as a community forget what we were running them for in the first place.

It is also my opinion that this forum is dedicated to getting the BRCS completed and if we wait too long for poll results then we'll never get anything accomlished. It is also my opinion that if someone hasn't checked the boards within 2 weeks then they are not all that interested in getting the project completed. Now there will be exceptions, like if someone is on an extended vaction or somthing like that, but that should only affect 1 poll in general so the impact should not be all that great.