At 06:06 PM 2/20/97 CST, Brian Green(
>On Usenet newsgroup, someone complained about the elf
>bonus with swords/bows/etc. He stated that it would make more sense for
>elves to have bonuses with more woodland type weapons. He also went on
>to state that the "special" elven armours are paradoxial, since the
>Elves wouldn't mine the metal (and wouldn't buy it from Dwarves since
>they are stereotypically at odds). Therefore, he suggested that perhaps
>the armours were constructed from more natural things, such as "growing
>on trees".
>My idea was to take all the armour the elves wear and have it made of
>sturdy wood. The Elves had perfected a method of constructing layered
>armour, making it as strong as steel, but generally lighter.


This reminds me of the invaders in Raymond Feist's Riftwar Saga. They used
similar equipment since the world they came from had little metal. There are
several good ideas for BR contained within that series. Although the
invaders are from another world it was magic that brought them(through a
large gate). The Riftwar is pure fantasy, and a good read. If you haven't
read it, pick it up. The first book is titled "Magician: Apprentice", you
won't be disappointed.

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