On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, wyrd wrote:

> elves wielding more arcane or esoteric weapons: (of course if I am wrong, please correct
> my error.)

You are indeed correct. The Sidhelien do not receive any attack bonuses
for either the sword or the bow. That does not mean that they are not
capable of or good at sword play. The Khinasi, dwarves, Annureans,
Brechts and elves, are all about the same as far as cultural and
technological developments. This seems to indicate that they would
indeed be quite capable with swords.

Your points about the pikes, spears, and crossbows are also well taken.
These weapons must be a part of any well developed army. I think that
this is a major shortcoming in other campaigns. Just because an elf
receives bonuses for sword and bow does not mean that every elf uses
those weapons exclusively. Even on Faerun and the DragonLance world, the
elves would have to maintain pike type infantry units to be effective
in warfare.