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    Kyle Swann

    The Gorgon`s ties to Roesoene (

    At 02:46 PM 2/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
    >Ok, question for the day! :)
    >On the hardcard (cardboard sheet) that details the Gorgon
    >from the origional boxed set the following is stated
    >in the Gorgon's description (it's the last paragraph
    >before his combat style is detailed on the backside):
    >" Some say that Daen Roesone, the founder of modern
    >Roesone, is distantly descended from this most fearsome
    >of awnsheghlien."


    In our campaign, I do play the regent of Roesone, and one of the things I've
    got on the back burner is a bit of geneology to find out where the Roesone
    line came from (One reason for this is to find out if we have any sort of
    link to the Iron Throne). After reading the Tuarhievel book, I have this
    sort of hope that it will turn out that the Roesone line is descended from
    Tara, the Black Princess.

    On another note, take a look at the names of Roesone's provinces and the
    Gorgon's...some are very this a coincidence?

    Richard Roesone

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    The Gorgon`s ties to Roesoene (

    In a message dated 97-02-04 21:52:33 EST, you write:


    It could be that daen was decended from a child of the Gorgon from before

    Cencorinn Seabharinn
    (Ben Ekdahl)

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