At 04:02 PM 1/14/97 -0500, Robin Cantrin(
>From Jonathan Picklesi:
>>The rulebook indicates that warriors get RP for controling Law holdings.
>>Does the word warriors mean just firghter or does it include all three
>>warrior types: the figher, ranger, and Paladin?
>It seems to be the case, since the BIRTHRIGHT Rulebook keeps the PHB
>distinction that warriors include all three classes. So according to our
>Rulebook p. 41, bards collect RPs, from both Law and Guilds, Paladins from
>Law and Temple holdings.

This does make sense. At the start of a campaign a Regent PC should use
Table 25(on pg.95, of the Rulebook), using the number gained from that
Table, the PC then uses Table 26(on the same pg.)to purchase Holdings. In
order for this to work you have to Triple the cost of Holdings on Table 26,
and don't forget to charge non-warrior PCs 6 DPs for Law Holdings(its only
fair). Applied to existing Domains it allows Players to personilize there
starting power base. Also it allows for things like Paladin Rulers who
control portions of the local church, and of the local army, but not
complete control. The Ruler will have to contend with High Priests, and
Generals, who may not agree with what he/she wants, forcing the PC to
balance these two. For if he/she were to lose support of both branches,
he/she could lose the crown.

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