Hello Sidhain,

S> Speaking of which how manyfo ye out there use the Baign Sidhe? and is it a
S> single she or two seperate but linked beings in your games?

yep, in fact i have used the Baign Sidhe (although i found the word as
Bahbain Sidhe, or something like that.) it came from the Celtic
handbook. i used it in my game as such:

i had a PC, ruler of Tuarhievel, a female elf. she liked to have fun
with men by dancing and flirting. however, she had an evil streak, and
killed out of cold blood (her alignment is CN, but it still shocked
everyone) and greed. she did it for this elf's bloodline, which was
worked into the story as he was 'in the right place at the right
time' to get the bloodline of Rhuobhier Nichilier, retired Archprelate
of the WIT. however, it had been corrupted by some evil force (which
is why he retired, making the way for a new PC to take the WIT).

so, this male elf who was killed by my Tuarhievel PC had a powerful
bloodline that was being corrupted by some great evil force. when my
Tuarhievel PC took bloodtheft on him, her BL began to be corrupted by
the force, as well.

she turned into an awnshegh, the Bahbain Sidhe, who sucked the life
out of people by physical contact (usually by dancing, or other
intimate contact), and was a beauty.

Best regards,
Adam mailto:AdamTheo@Theoretic.com

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