Lest you forget, folks, when calculating the numbers of half-elves in Anuire
or Cerilia or whatever, that male elves mating with female humans (a fairly
likely occurance in realms bordering elven ones) just as easily as a female
elf mating with a human male (a much less likely occurance).

As an example, Isaelie, queen of the seilwode has about 5 or so half-elven
children and this is coming from the seilwode, which is the most anti-human
realm this side of Rhoubhe. Tuarhievel has humans living inside her
borders. So, if you are stating that there are 5 score half-elves living
with the elves, then I could agree with you. But this isn't considering the
elf-male/human-female liasons that go around.


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> If you accept that there are perhaps five score half elves in Anuire
> is
> how I run it IMC) then on the surface the number of half-elven regents

I was picturing something more along the lines of there being perhaps five
score half-elves in *Cerilia*, not just Anuire.

> enormous. However, when you consider that said half elves live about twice
> as
> long as humans then it starts to make a bit more sense. If you devoted two
> hundred-
> odd years to getting ahead in life then you could probably achieve
> special.
I'd accept that argument, but for the fact that I couldn't see humans
abiding being ruled by a changeling. Perhaps a half-elf guilder has managed
to acquire some assets (although I'm still changing Guilder Kalien to a
human), or a half-elf wizard has developed source-holdings in a given region
(a region with a weak ruler who couldn't stop it or something), but the few
half-elf regents that will exist in my campaign will almost all have
holdings more or less exclusively in elven kingdoms, where they are accepted
as equals. (except Fhiele Dhoesone, who I agree fits her domain well --
although even in her domain, the people have a hard time swallowing her
heritage, and as relations with Tuarhievel worsen, she'll find her own
people rejecting her)

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