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From: Daniel McSorley
Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 10:57 PM

> The magical items? They're EVERYWHERE, man! I was re-reading Rjurik
>Highlands the other night to find an appropriate spot to stick a campaign
>idea, and when I read the NPCs, every other one had a +5 this or a xx of
>power that. The whole rest of the Rjurik expansion talks about how lots of
>sources are unclaimed because the land isn't settled and no wizards have
>come there. So where the heck did all these magical items come from?

Priests can make magical items.

Also, if the apportionment of wealth is similar to the medieval era, the
high aristocracy probably controls the vast sum of magical weapons. Those
characters who are not high aristocracy and have one are listed for that
reason. Which means you may well be looking at the sum total for all high
power magical items. There are no more. They are all pretty much as old as
dirt, and new ones come along the pike pretty slowly.

I found the same thing was true once I started looking to see what existing
NPC's had bloodlines. It very quickly got to the point that if you wanted
to be a blooded charatcer, you were a member of a family that I selected,
and the bloodline that came with it. Or they had to be from far away.

Think of it that way. If every weapon above +2 is listed, and there are no
more in circulation (which is not to say a PC can't dig one up in a lost
ruin), is it not still a low magical enviroment?

Kenneth Gauck

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