From: Alexander MacLeod
> The next month he did, and smashed all resistance. He has killed the
>regent, her nobles, and even managed to take out the Golden Light in a
>climatic battle to end the war. Now, my question is this. As the swordhawk
>occupies all of the provinces of the former realm known as Treucht, and as
>the Swordhawk has no churches within his domain, nor allied to him, how
>he invest his ill-gotten gains?
> For that matter, how does the Gorgon do this as well? The Hand of
>temple does not have any blooded priests.
Are any native Treuchtan temples still intact? It is my view that
priests, like guilders, sourcerors, and the landed nobles, are practical
people, and would come to an accommodation with nearly any invader, so long
as they were not overly harmed in the takeover. I mean, kings come and go,
but one thing remains constant, and that is the business of faith.
- --
Daniel McSorley-

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