>From the quill Of GeeMan
>Pieter Sleijpen wrote:
>> Individual monsters of the nature of the Gorgon or Rhuobhe are not that
>> much of a problem. Sure, they can defeat complete armies in principle,
>> but they can be overbeared by opponents. If somebody is facing 200
>> opponents, it would not be difficult to immagine that the Gorgon choses
>> for fleeing instead of capture.
>I don't think a unit of ordinary humans could overbear the Gorgon. Aside from
>there being no rules for that kind of thing in the warcard system, I
>think it'd
>be like infantry swarming a tank. Sure, they can get in its way and slow it
>down, but pretty quickly they'd get ground into hamburger. The only reason
>modern tanks are stoppable by infantry is because they have weapons that are
>powerful enough to deal with them. But make those tanks magically
>to those weapons (not to mention their mundane ones) and they'd roll right on
>through infanty units. I think that's what fighting the Gorgon would be like.

In the same way that an infantry unit faced with a tank without the
appropriate weapons and no other option would 'find a way' (lead it into marshy
/ swampy ground to immobilise it then smoke / starve the occupants out), a BR
unit may find a way of defeating (but not killing). Stony-butt may be more
battlewise than all the generals of Cerelia, but everyone has their bad day.
Given the choice of battleground and a unit of Dwarves, for example, several
pit-traps could be set up - really deep pits. The Gorgon could then be
challenged by a sacrificial (blooded) hero who is standing over the pit on a
fairly solid cover (Stony has a fair bit of weight, the cover could be graded
accordingly). The Gorgon falls, hero steps back (if he is lucky), debris are
dropped in after to hinder the Gorgon's climb back out, flares or similar could
be set off by the collapsing of the trap shielding the exact events from the
opposing armies. Imagine the effect on morale when the dust settles and the
hero still stands (or another in similar garb - it's hard to tell details over
a battlefield), and the Gorgon seems to have disappeared, apparently destroyed
by magic). It may take only a day for Stony to climb back out, but that's a
day that the battle has gone on without him.
As a GM I'd give this about a 5% chance of working, 10% if a PC had to come
up with the idea during that session under pressure and maybe 15% if that PC
volunteered to be the sacrificial lamb rather than using someone else. But
even at worst, even a small chance beats no chance. Some of the major
Awnshiegh should be almost as hard to kill as a god, but thwarting them should
always be possible.

Merry mayhem,

Dubhghaill (Doyle).
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