At 08:34 28-05-99 -0500, you wrote:
>As I feel that Jim Cooper is not an acceptable candidate for list
>administrator, I am now asking for those of us who care to nominate someone
>for the job in his stead. It's hard to have much of a vote if we only have
>one candidate.
>To get the ball rolling, I'll nominate two people:
>1. Kenneth Gauck: (I don't have his email offhand). His posts are
>knowledgeable and thorough. Sometimes he gets a bit too lost in the details
>of medieval life; but even that can be used as setting and atmosphere so I
>really have never minded.
>2. Adam Theo: ( Again, a high quality poster and a
>regular contributor. I look forward to his messages in my box.
Since Adam has accepted his nomination, I'll vote for him

Jan Arnoldus (
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