I am withdrawing my vote in your favor and casting it against you now.
Please do not take this personally, but I cannot agree with your strongest
"rule/demand/idea" for list governance.

Deleting lurkers who do not post ever is like deleting that kid who comes
into your Hobby Store every week and looks at the Birthright Boxed Set.
Sure, it's annoying to watch that kid read the same box week after week and
not get the sale, but if you elect to kick him out you are guaranteeing that
you will NEVER get the sale. So long as he does not damage the box you HAVE
to let him look and hope eventually he will pick it up. Maybe he is saving
up his money to buy the box??? How can you be for sure.? I personally feel
that this is the antithesis of EVERYTHING this list should stand for, as it
encourages people who like to lurk to look for "other" worlds to play in.
That means less interest in Birthright; and that means Dark Sun gets revived
first (or God forbid Spelljammer!! :P), while Birthright collects dust.

Secondly, your last rule is flat out wrong. Whomever the administrator ends
up being, I can promise one thing for sure, they will eventually be wrong.
It's a part of being human. If they recognize this, apologize, and make
moves to fix the problem, they will still be a fine administrator.

I've quoted just a bit of the rules I disagree with for specific reference.

Again, please remember not to take this personally.

- -----Original Message-----
From: Jim Cooper
To: birthright@lists.imagiconline.com
Date: Friday, May 28, 1999 3:54 AM
Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Okay - here are my rules, if I'm to be admin (and
I'm being truly serious now) :

>8) The
>administrator feels particularly passionate about this rule, and rest
>assured the administrator will be prowling the membership periodically
>(bi-annually) to see who is being active on this list. Members the
>administrator deems to be 'non-active' will be treated like they way
>they act - contribute nothing at all, get nothing at all in return.
>This translates into losing your membership in this forum. Its that
>simple, and don't think you deserve any better if you are a non-active
>member. If all you want to do is read, get the digest mode of this
>14) Lastly (and the most important rule): The administrator is never
>wrong. Period. Get used to it. :)

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