> I would have to agree. As a D.M. of twelve years I have seen the gamut
>when it comes to players.

That brings up a question what was everyone's first game?
First game world? and How long has everyone here been gaming?

I started with D&D then changed to AD&D later my first "campaign" world was
really just my own made up Middle Ages one that I shared with another DM,
and considering our ages I think we did a damn good job at recreating the
Feel of the era. I have gamed for seventeen years mostly as a GM/DM having
played only in a very campaigns of my own but many one-shots. I have written
my own Fantasy World and system which I use more often than AD&D in fact
AD&D is just about my last choice for gaming these days--except for the fact
that it has Birthright...and while I can adapt it to other systems sometimes
I do still like AD&D enough to just keep them together.
I cannot list all of the game I owned nor even cover the 100
having owned literally 300+ different gaming systems.
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