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CD> I would definately go for a more humanoid feeling. From the histories I have always felt that Aduria would have a LOT of humanoids in place, as they were Azrai's triumphant army that drove the
CD> humans out.

CD> Having another continent for them would be a great breeding ground for the "intelligent" goblin ancestors to those in Cerilia. Perhaps the ones who fought the elves so long ago actually migrated.
CD> (who might have recently relearned the art of sea travel and are looking to see how Tal-Qazar has been doing...)

CD> Plus a continent chock full of goblins, giants, gnolls, and worse is really exciting for the DM if his players ever land there. Imagine being one of the only 7 humans on an entire continent! Can
CD> you say "extinct"??? Sounds good to me.

CD> I'd also throw in a wildcard like a powerful (but cornered in) enclave of Dwarves as they have little representation anywhere else. Plus dwarves tend to hole up on their resources and ignore the
CD> rest of the world so they could easily be one of the lost clans hinted at in Baruk-Azhik (the skeletons).

CD> What you think?

Here is my reply:
i think that is very cool. just simply a continent or two (like
North & South America) of humanoids... maybe some new cultures from
those races, instead of simply being a 'continent of monsters'. i
always though a race of Aztec-like goblins would be really cool...
those little pyramids in the jungles, with the headresses and
rituals. and you could fit in some Native American like cultures,
there, too, i suppose. i think BR would be cool with that nomadic
type of spirit worshipping culture... yep, i like the idea...

what other cultures can people think of for BR?

also, i used to see Aduria as a roman like empire, but now i'm
starting to see it as a Sub Saharan empire (there used to be one
that existed up until the 18th Century earth, i believe, but i can't
remember the name. supposedly very powerful and wealthy), with a
very Israeli/Eastern Mediterrainean basin feel towards the north,
near where the five tribes were... i can just imagine an anchient
city like Jerusalem sittig along the coast somewhere, half
abondoned, but millennia old, with a ricjh history... sorry,
Jerusalem is one of my favorite topics of history, as is the Old
Testament, so some of that influences my gaming... :)

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