> My question to you guys is: How well do you think people actually
> role-play the PCs presented in the published materials? I am thinking
> one possible explanation for the lack of success that BR had was its
> reliance upon pre-existing characters. People might have been turned
> off by that, preferring to just get a campaign with locations and NPCs
> and then roll up their own PCs, as is the norm for campaign settings.
> Given that most of the people reading the messages here probably already
> like the published materials, I think most of us probably don't mind the
> published characters, but do you guys think that is the way most gamers
> react? Have the published PCs been a good thing for BR?

In my campaign...I allowed the player the choice between the pre existing
character (which he got as written) or he could roll up a new one (which
would be 1st level...but probably had the potential for more power than the
pre-existing ones (largely because I run one of those games where the
players tend to have high stats)