From: joe baker
>But the whole point was to get the Spider himself to show up, and the
>multitude of little spiders are not that smart without his presence.
>So the plan would work that far, he sends spiders after annoying humans
>while annoying humans have ambush set up for him. He is powerful but he
>dosen't know everything especially with his less than spectacular IQ.
Blood Enemies: "... it has a strange control over spiders. No one knows
what the full extent of this power is, but many believe it works like a
standard /animal affinity/ blood ability over spiders. This phenomenal
control over spiders keeps the Spider's goblins and gnolls from harm..."
Animal affinity, probably Great, woud give full control over them within
1 mile, but only one per round. Within 10 feet, they regard him as an ally
and friend, and will follow reasonable requests. So he gathers a bunch of
them and sends them off, he only has to be within a mile to keep track of
the battle through their eyes. Are the humans going to set up an ambush on
every point within a 1 mile radius of their camp?
Actually, I would probably give him full control over any spiders withing
5 or 10 miles, while within his forest, but that's just me.
The argument about "he doesn't know everything" is bunk. The Spider has
been around since Deismaar, he cannot be killed by normal methods, he has
probably been ambushed before and killed them all. He knows the tricks
people use, and he knows his forest better than anyone.

Daniel McSorley-