I was looking in my rule book this morning because something you said
struck me as odd, and what I found stated that while a regent of a
temple has to be a cleric or paladin to collect RP, he or she can be of
any other class and still attempt any domain turn, with out the help of
RPs, they can do it all from fortify to collect offerings. It goes back
to what I said in my last post about you don't have to be a cleric of
any kind to lead other holy men, you just have to be faithful to your

Peter Wiyda

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> Peter Wiyda wrote:
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> > She may be a not be a cleric but a fighter with the right faith can
> run
> > a temple, just like a fighter can be a guild master of a thieves
> guild.
> > The person in charge of a holding does not have to be what everyone
> else
> > is that runs that holding, a leader is a leader no matter his or her
> > occupation. Just a little tip from BiggSexxxy. Sleep on it. Thank
> > you, no applaud please.
> > birthright' as the body of the message.
> I agree with you to a certain limit. Except that the rules of BR state
> that she will not get any RP for pure temple holdings. Hence she will
> not be able to do any action, except espionage. This is the reason why
> we are looking for an explanation or method to make it possible.
> Pieter Sleijpen
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