>Hm... What system will you use (I know AD&D, I mean system of learning
>skills). Do you allow PCs double the starting proficiencies? Allow more
>slots to appear as they gain levels? Just curious.

I give the PC's the INT+class system for their own choices, and throw in
some other of my choice based in the character's history. Elves get some
bonus frolicking (singing, dancing, artistic expression). Dwarves get a
bonus craft, and something else like dwarven history or chanting. Humans
get one or two for their pre-adventuring livlihood -- farm boys may get
Farming and Weather Sense, or Animal Handling.

PC's get proficencies for advancing in level, as described in the PHB, as
well as being able to spend a month in formal training to gain a proficency
in addition to that as described in the BR rules.

I also view proficencies as having a depth of three levels, call it
apprentice, journeyman, master; or bachelor, master, doctor. Each of the
three levels broadens one's abilities and offers the +1 to the success
chance. After that, its just a +1.

So an NPC who is a journeyman weaver has two Weaving proficency levels, is
assumed to be better than an apprentice, yet inferior to a master weaver.

Most adventuring PC's generally are about as good as apprentices, so they
often only have one level of proficency in skills. However, I encourage
dwarves to take additional levels of their craft, paladins w/bonded mounts
to take additional levels of groom, mages to take additional levels of some
learned field (such as History or Astronomy).

Kenneth Gauck