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> Basically vassals are made to circumvent the bloodline limitations. A
> line needs their vassals to grow. Any player that takes all of the GB and
> RP a vassal generates is plainly stupid. Vassals management is the key to
> growth. They will look after the proviences while the Regent looks after
> Nation. Its simple management. A good system is for the regent to take 1/2
> the RP and little to no gold. Keep your vassals to a provience. Order them
> maintain a unit or two for a local garrison. Most vassals will be very
> Not all vassals are power grubing madmen. They will serve with honor and
> loyalty, working to protect their local rulerships. Many will not want the
> whole ball of wax. BUT!!!!!! there can always be the one lying in the weeds
> waiting to strike out and make their claims. If every vassal was crooked
> this system would only be in use for oh about one minute, then disposed of.
> works so it stays. I try to keep a vassal betrayl to once per campaign.
> Otherwise it gets old, fast... real fast.

If you want to put the whole thing in perspective, and keep the PC from
the rules, then have any Vassals that they create, react to the way they
are treated.
If the PC ruler is benevolent (they are to start with because they have
given up some
of their lands or holdings), and fair, then most Vassals will be willing
to support
the ruler. When trouble hits, this is when the ruler's true colours are
seen. If he
leaves his Vassals to fend for themselves, then they begin to think
"Well what am
I sending all this gold and regency to them for, if not for some

It is at this time that they begin to consider rebellion. If in doubt
about the way
an NPC might react, just think of how a PC of yours would react in the
same situation.
I feel it is reasonable to expect a large chunk of the gold and regency
to go to the
ruler if they live up to the role. To me, this would mean 1)conducting
all the diplomacy
actions for the realm, 2)supplying the defences for the realm, 3)dealing
with realm
effecting problems. When the ruler starts expecting their Vassals to
take on some
or all of these roles, then the Vassal needs to keep more of the lands
bounty for themself.

If the PCs still insist on creating Vassals for the wrong reasons, then
you can consider
the Vassal's holdings as a new realm, and roll up random events for each
fief. This will tend to chew up a number of those EXTRA actions.

Hope this helps.