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    Craig Greeson

    Player`s Secrets (Brecht Realms

    The only Brecht Player's Secret material that's been produced was a
    sourcebook for Muden that was only available on TSR's web site. You could
    not buy this product, but you could download it for free. Don't know if
    it's still available on the TSR website or not.....


    Olesens wrote:
    > Hi, I don't have the stuff with me to check this out and I though one of you might
    > know of the top of your head. Are there any Player's Secrets for Dauren or the
    > surrounding realms?
    > -Andrew
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    Player`s Secrets (Brecht Realms

    I'm currently writing a domain sourcebook for Danigau. It's not really a player's secrets book since it contains DM-only info (but then again most "player's secrets" books are like that). If anybody is interested in helping, contact me at the address below.

    Aleksei Andrievski
    aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Blue Star
    aka Azure Star Dragon

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