Hello all,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my Website
is now officially open to the public. This is not specifically
"on-topic", however it is RPG site that features this setting
as well as all others that I am able to gain access to.
We will be featuring contests, auctions, links to various
gaming sites, free membership, a monthly newsletter, and
many bits of information on the latest in the gaming world.
Come on in check it out in the bare-bones. It will be added
to on a regular basis. Comments to the webmaster and myself
are welcomed- and encouraged.
Our goal is to make this your one-stop link to all the great
gaming sites out there. On this end, if there are any sites that
you would like to see added to our pages- please let us know.


http://www.gryffon.com/leta for all your gaming needs.
ICQ. 8004143

P.S. Monitors- I apologize for the post, I think that it is "related"