Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:

> I should mention, however, that a few components are required at the time
> of casting. The gem in Magic Jar, for example, I would say had to be
> present at the time of casting (and perhaps ALSO at the time of
> memorization), and the same for the small jar required for Know Bloodline
> Strength. If you recall, the spell reveals the strength of the bloodline
> as the extent of crumpling in the jar, and so the jar is rather important
> to have at the time of casting. In other words, whenever the material
> component is crucial in the functioning of the spell as described, it must
> be present.

As long as we're discussing the Magic Jar spell.... Couldn't a mage use that
spell to possess a regent and then invest someone else in all his holdings?
Couldn't he also possess a scion and have bloodline investiture used to pass
the bloodline of the possessed person on to somone else?