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    An Alliance with Lluabraight?

    I'd call it "possible", if in addition to restoring the provinces and gems the
    PCs were close and friendly with Tuarhievel and the Sielwode, had helped both
    nations expand their forests, had destroyed Rhoubhe, and were directly
    responsible for saving Lluabraight from going under to the Gorgon, White
    Witch, and/or Urga-Zai.
    And that's if an elven regent is numbered among them. Lluabraight is almost
    as hostile as Rhoubhe.

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    Pieter Sleijpen

    An Alliance with Lluabraight?

    The players should remember that giving those gems to the elves will be
    very risky indeed. The elven queen greatest wish is to restore the elves
    to former power and with the missing stones back she might be able to do
    this. She hates humans and would not concider breaking her word to them
    that much of a problem. To be honest, I would prefer the Gorgon as an
    allie then this queen.

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    Pieter A de Jong

    An Alliance with Lluabraight?

    Tim Nutting wrote:
    > I am running a campaign that in the long run (very long run) will culminate in
    > the rebirth of the Anuirean Empire with a PC at the apparent head. Presently
    > the group (the same mentioned in my RotK thread) has no inkling of the final
    > solution, or so I think.
    > In essence, one of the PCs will first become King of the Giantdowns, with that
    > accomplished he will then have to unite the Rjurik, and with that done, perhaps
    > he can go South and become the Emperor as is his destiny.
    > Ok, preamble over, the question is this, assuming the PCs begin to unite the
    > Rjurik in a loose confederation, could they ever get Lluabraight to join them?
    > I imagine the first step to be getting the Ghuralli out of the Giantdowns and
    > returning Caer Cwwnar and Rhuidar to Lluabraight, and the second possibly being
    > the recovery of at least one of the three lost Gems of Arborea. From there,
    > the road is open, but could they ever gain the alliance, however bitter, of
    > these Elves?
    > BTW, anyone have any thoughts on possible "what happened" to the lost Gems of
    > Arborea?

    A peace treaty might be possible (the elves are not stupid or suicidal),
    but an
    alliance with Lluabraight is extremely unlikely in my opinion. On the
    other hand,
    if the Elven nations united into a single confederacy (as may be
    happening, IMC), it
    might be possible to arrive at an alliance with this body, as the
    government would
    likely be much less generally hostile to all things human.

    As far a where the lost Gems of Arborea are, hows this... The gems were
    taken to
    Deismaar, as they are very powerful magic items capable of turning
    battles by
    themselves. When the elves changed side in mid-battle, some units of
    Vos reserves
    were behind the Elves. These forces overran part of the Lluabraight
    camp before
    being driven off. In the process they looted the 3 missing gems. The
    Vos units
    reformed out of range of the initial blast effects, and carried the gems
    home as
    loot. This leaves your PC's chasing the gems all the way to some long
    lost temple
    of Azrai in Vosgaard.

    Pieter A de Jong
    Graduate Mechanical Engineering Student
    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

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