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Well said response. Thanks.

I happen to think your words are right, and that is more or less how I played
it out, taking into account the current campaign considerations of course. HTe
brunt comment is particularly appropriate.


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In response to your question about the UN thing...I can't imagine a countr=
in danger from a superior foe not agreeing to help to prevent their least not if they truly believed that they would fall withou=
help... especially if offered...As far as other NPC nations joining the
fight...I would only see them joining the fight if they believed that ther=
was a real chance of the other nation falling and them being next...and th=
only as little as possible as I would expect they would want other nations
to bear the brunt...leaving them in better position to deal with their
neighbors who helped later...

Thats my take...for what it's worth...

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