> Back to our PHB / DMG definitions on alignment, a Chaotic aligned person is self centered, i.e.. selfish.

I don't think that selfishness really has much to do with the difference
between Law and Chaos...its really more of a difference between order and
disorder...sure some things (like selfishness) tend to lead more towards
disorder, but that doesn't mean that a Lawful person can't be selfish (who
to say that there isn't potential for a lot of self gain by following the

I'm also a litle confused when people talk about the different views of
good/evil. As far as I am aware, the current spin on this aspect of
alignment is that if you (the DM/players) think that an act would be
considered evil by society (meaning ours..), then it probably is. The
whole context of own-spciety views (meaning the PCs society) is really
irrelevant. Thus, a society of Lawful Evil people may view an act as
necerrary and good, but in the whole scheme of things it is still
evil..there are some historic examples of things like this..look at the
crusades..involving scores of Lawful and Good people doing Evil acts
(square bullets?? Who came up with that!), despite the fact they thought
they were doing good, they were wrong...