Maybe someone "official" can help me out with this problem. I tried
ordering a copy of the CR2.0 update last night... but there's a problem.
I'm from CANADA, and since the email I've been getting lately indicates the
availability for international orders, I thought I could order this product
early... like the email says. Well, I tried this last night and there is
absolutely no place to order from a country outside of the US. The pull
down menu for "States" is obviously ALL states. Not any room to fill in a
province nevermind the "Country" menu. It's a pulldown menu with only one
country. This might sound like I'm trying to flame someone... I'm not,
really. I just want to order this product and I don't want to run out of
time. I've written a little not to someone at customer services (I think
that's the title they used on the contact page, at least). So if there are
(and I'm pretty sure there are) any bigwigs from TSR/WotC on this list, can
you help me out real quick?