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I'm assuming some of my gamers will find that magic is not as readily =
available as in other game worlds, and will attempt to turn to =
technology. While player knowledge will tell them that such things are =
possible, I intend to make this as slow and as difficult a path as =

Gunpowder, the center of a previous debate, will only available from a =
single covert Brecht guild, where the secret of it's making is carefully =
kept. This allows for cannon on pirate ships, but little else.

Steam and mass Ironworking can be minimized. I take the "Castle =
Falkenstien" approach to iron and magic - i.e.. they don't get along, =
Both the Elves and some of the upper level Mages know this and do what =
they can to hinder any developments that the other races come up with.
The natural order of things requires iron for the most part, to remain =
underground - weapons and armor do not create enough disturbance to =
really matter, but railway lines and large metal vehicles will.
1. Dwarves would probably develop this sort of stuff first (it just =
seems apt for the race), but won't upset the natural order as it would =
all be used underground and I don't see them handing out the knowledge =
too readily (BR Dwarves especially seem to enjoy being apart from the =
other races).
2. Elves understand the danger that iron presents to the flow of =
Mebhaighl and have agents leading potential inventors astray (conspiracy =
theory, etc. :-).
3. Magicians while rare, can charge huge sums for their services... =
until there is a cheaper technological alternative, so naturally they =
will do what they can to slow these advances. Casters of realm magic =
would also have the same worry as the Elves.
4. Other races are subject to the 'anti-technology conspiracy'
other possibilities;
5. Large concentrations of Iron cause 'dead magic' areas, causing =
havoc with spells / magic items
6. 'Dead magic' areas work the same as high magic areas in that it =
allows for a weakening in the border to the SW.
7. SW residents may discover 6. above and encourage tech' in some =
places so they can break through 'en masse' (just thought of that one, =
it may make a nasty plot line).

Anyhow, this is how I deal with it in my campaign, hope it is if help to =


Dubhghaill (Doyle)
Victoria, Australia, 613 9563 5085

I have some suggestions for those who are thinking of introducing steam
engines to their campaigns,

Those who know how to make a steamengine are all members of a secret =
which protects it's knowlged with help of assassins.

It's extreme expensive to build a working steam engine and there is =
the risk it blows up, exspecially if the crew is unused to the machine.

It's quite wood/cole swallowing, so to run one would cost quite much.

A steam engine can't be warmed up by magic, it would explode within 1d4

It's all upto you if you will use thise suggestions.

//Trizt of Ward^RITE